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Trillions of dollars are traded daily in the foreign exchange market, which plays a huge role in the global financial system. The growing market of forex brokers and forex trading technology is enabling individuals and companies to access the biggest market in the world.


The current situation for registered brokers presents operational challenges on a daily basis with this rapid expansion. From keeping existing clients, battling the competition, managing risk, to being compliant with regulations and providing forex services globally, it sometimes seems to be a never-ending battle.

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IBAN Bank Account

IBAN accounts for B2B & B2C transactions

Secure payments network

Secure payment services using SWIFT & SEPA networks

Segregated Accounts

Segregated accounts to keep clients funds safe and secure

Debit or prepaid cards

Debit & Prepaid cards for you and your business

Having an effective and trusted financial institution is key to overcoming payment and banking issues.


One that can offer multiple currency accounts by incorporating the latest technology to ensure seamless and automated payment systems.

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To learn more about Banking-as-a-Service and how you can access a full online payment system within a short period of time and with limited investment, see the Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) page.

PayPugs has invested a lot of time in understanding the rapidly evolving issues that forex brokerages experience. As a result, we have partnered with BDSwiss to provide payment and banking services at both the corporate and retail level.

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